Vancouver Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services


The VCCRS is led by a service committee know under the acronym ARC (Archdiocesan Renewal Committee). The current members of ARC are:

Reverend Reynaldo Usman Archbishop Michael Miller’s Delegate to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and is Spiritual Director of ARC

Deacon Peter Thilina Gomes, Archbishop Michael Miller’s Appointee to the ARC

Lennie David, Chairperson and Life in the Spirit Seminars Coordinator Lennie David 604-597-8227 Lennie lives in North Delta

Alfred Ho, Coordinator of ARC Email Prayer Chain, Alfred Lives in North Vancouver



Gina Esperanzate, Lives in New Westminster

Grace Del Rosario, Prayer Teams Coordinator, Grace lives in Vancouver

Janet Tng, Janet lives in Coquitlam

Linda De Abreu, Treasurer, Linda Lives in Langley

Serge Fogliato, Serge lives in Burnaby