Conference 2016 Photos














Alex Lim Chair of Vancouver Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service ARC














Flo Reid Chair of the CCRS of BC Joint Sponsor of this Year’s Conference


Bishop Sam Jacob Keynote Speaker at Conference


Dr. Margarett Schlientz Keynote Speaker at Conference


Betty MacLeod and Samuel Mensa Word Gifts Vancouver

mariamcmanuslynnewilliamsMaria McManus and Lynne Williams Word Gifts Nelson Diocese

elshaddaipraiseworshipEl Shaddai Music Ministry in Praise and Worship


Bishop Sam Praying with Woman

frbillcomerfordprayingwithmanFather Bill Comerford Praying with Man

bishopsampriestsmassBishop Sam Jacob and Priests Celebrating the Closing Mass

churchfullPart of Praising Crowd at Conference in Broadway Church