Men’s Group Page


Ed Wingenbach, Paul McDonald, Craig Poirier and Peter Kingsland faciliate the Master’s Touch Men’s Group.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month (men only).  On most nights we have a DVD presentation of interest to Catholic men, e.g. the Crossing the Goal team (as seen on EWTN) or the Saints Alive Series or Matthew Kelly or other.  There is group discussion about the DVD presentation and sharing of how the issues apply to us in our lives.  Often we have one or more of the members give a sharing about his life.

Sometimes, instead of having a DVD we have one of the leaders present a topic and we spend more time in discussion.  We usually have about 15 people present sometimes more sometimes less depending on what else is going on.

If a month has five Fridays, then we have a dessert night on the 5th Friday and ladies are invited to come.  The men are supposed to make or buy the desserts.